Current Thinking, Dec 2020……Re:exposure

prompted by recent lecture held by Vienna Film Co-op………… “Grainy Neo-Realism” – an online lecture by Vicky Smith
As a part of my lecture hosted by Vienna Film Co-op, I spoke about how having Re:exposure included in the exhibition, ‘A Picture of Health’, stimulated thinking about the ecological triptych by Sandra Lahire. Her brilliant Serpent River (1989) is described as an anti-nuclear film in which the filmmaker, ‘makes visible the invisible menace of radioactivity’ (Lux).
This possibility of using film to bring form to that, which would otherwise remain unperceivable, is one aim of Re:exposure, in terms of using caffenol stained negative and ECU macro to convey the harmful effects of climate change on the human skin. Thinking about how to contextualise Re:exposure also prompted reflection on how Barbara Hammer’s use of the optical printer to layer materials to reflect on aging and family in Optic Nerve (1985) resonated with my own concerns and methods.