On Vicky Smith’s abstract films – by David Curtis

filmstainsme-copy-copy-270x270tongue copy

In Vicky Smith’s most abstract works to date, the body feels very present, as it does so often in her filmmaking.   Her techniques for direct mark-making on the film’s surface are astonishing. Tiny white marks fiercely scratched into the black of the raw film-stock, pinpricks, tears and scratches becoming abrasions and bruises suggest physical vulnerability. Things dribbled onto the filmstrip, things scratched into it – the filmstrip, too, is paramount in Vicky’s films.


The,  ’emphasis on texture and viscerality …suggests the filmmaker’s physical engagement with the material body of the film’, Maud Jacquin discussing my work (2018) From Real to Reel  in Moving Image Review and Art Journal 


. Review of The Crafty Animator and Birgitta’s article ‘Made by Hand’ with image from Noisy Licking, Dribbling and Spitting.


I was pleased to have my work screened in a programme celebrating Maria Lassnig. Gabriele Jutz has written about Noisy Licking, Dribbling & Spitting in the exhibition booklet for Animating Truths: The Films of Maria Lassnig and Their Context (2019).



Podcast interview discussing BEEF



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