2020/2019 screenings

 . 24/02/2020 Primal in ‘Optical Sound, Tracked’ Oslo, Cinemateket
. 27/01/20 Not (a) part, Rotterdam Film Festival 2020
. 14/01/20 Noisy Licking, Dribbling & Spitting in Slippery, Sticky, Wet programmed by Bryony Gillard Holden Gallery, Manchester
. 7/12/19 Stacking in Edge of Frame: Brushwork: The Painted Animation
. 7/12/19 Not (a) part, Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film Festival
. 19/11/19: Gabriele Jutz has programmed Noisy Licking Dribbling & Spitting for Animating Truth(s) as part of  Vienna artweek.
. 11/11/19 SEATTLE: Caryn Cline from Engauge Film Festival Seattle complimented  Not(a) part ‘we loved your film and we are dying to know the details of how you achieved such luminous results’ .
. ZAGREB: 27/09/2019 at 25 FPS Festival, Zagreb, Croatie 25fps Zagreb
. Bideodromo 20/09/19
. 7/07/20129 Under the Radar

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