2018 screenings

Projects and exhibitions in 2018

December: Small Things Moving in Unison

London International Animation Festival

October: Small Things Moving in Unison and Noisy Licking, Dribbling and Spitting  at Punto y Raya abstract film festival, Wroclaw, Poland in the British Panorama.

Punto Y Raya

process of making Noisy Licking, Dribbling and Spitting
September: Small Things Moving in Unison (2018, 16mm, 5’30) at Caraboo Projects Bristol.


Small Things Moving in Unison



July 5th Galway Arts Centre: But Still Like Dust I’ll Rise

I screened Small Things Moving in Unison in Vivienne Dick’s  But Still, Like Dust, I’ll Rise (after Maya Angelou) curated exhibition themed around  ideas of female corporeality, autonomy, strength, and vulnerability. Staying with Viv in Dublin was fabulous and unusually hot so we went swimming in Dublin Bay.



galway 1.jpg
Small Things Moving in Unison,  Galway Arts Centre


‘Holy Fluids’, Union Docs Center for Documentary Art, New York

Holy Fluids and Absent Wounds

rash2.jpgCurator Ruth Somalo, having read my piece in Sequence Journal: Full Body Film: (http://www.academia.edu/30912563/Full_Body_Film) invited me to come and screen and discuss several of my early films. The audience responded well to Rash 1997 and along with Vanessa Renwick’s use of voice in personal humour inflected commentary. PSI Maria Lassnig  developed into reason 2   for picking up a camera again and for potentially using my own voice again mumbling singing etc Montreal Amtrak for SAS women in animation xxxx

Noisy Licking Dribbling & Spitting



‘ Smith invites an almost clinical engagement with these internal fluids. Enlarged on the screen, they resemble scientific microscopic images that bring us into an uncanny physical proximity with the artist’s body. The choice of material support – clear leader rather than negative stock – bestows on the film an ethereal quality that elicits both fascination and discomfort (Kim Knowles: 2013: n.p.). ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears: Bodily Inscription in Contemporary Experimental Film’, Necsus European Journal of Media Studies: http://www.necsus-ejms.org/portfolio/autumn-2013_waste.


An old film from 1995 My Moon Her World, was screened alongside Small Things in ‘Matters of Being’ in Independent Film Show, Naples.  Here’s a review I kept of the film from the 90s and I think from Frameworks festival,  San Francisco.


from Sequence Journal


Small Things Moving in Unison in ‘Physical Connection’ Edinburgh Film Festival.

May: invited by Analogue Ensemble to perform at Whitstable Biennale for the programme ‘Resisting Expectations’ I adapted my piece Agitations to the festival theme of ‘Swimming Home’ and the sea and responding to the crab traps.  inspired by David Gatten’s What the Water Said the idea that a haul of film, softened by exposure to saltwater,  is sensitive to further inscription thru means other than light and camera x.

Resisting Expectations

Agitations the projected traces
Agitations adapted to Biennale







agitations3 copy.jpg
Agitations: the agitated filmstrip materialises the idea that media are vulnerable

February: The first screening of Small Things Moving in Unison in Edwin Rostron’s excellent ongoing initiative in the field of experimental animation ‘Edge of Frame Animation’. The film was projected in ‘Voyages Elsewhere’, at Close Up Cinema in Shoreditch. Bea Haut had advised me that the projection at Close Up is unrivalled and she is right.


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