Agitations in ‘Resisting Expectations’, Whitstable Biennale 2018

May: invited by Analogue Ensemble to perform at Whitstable Biennale for the programme ‘Resisting Expectations’ I adapted my piece Agitations to the festival theme of ‘Swimming Home’ and the sea, responding to the crab traps and the given length of the jetty.  The piece was inspired by David Gatten’s What the Water Said with the idea that a haul of film, softened by exposure to saltwater,  is sensitive to further inscription through means other than light and camera: that of physical contact. The audience were led out of the Horsebridge Cinema down to the jetty a few hundred yards away.  There I ‘found’ in the surf a crab trap with film in it.  I pulled lengths of the film up and along the jetty where it was rubbed by oyster shells, stones and shingle.

Agitations the projected traces
Agitations adapted to Biennale







agitations3 copy.jpg
Agitations: the agitated filmstrip materialises the idea that media are vulnerable

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