Little Things Rule the World


Projects in progress

In 2017 researchers from Bristol University and I began collaborative work on a project, Little Things Rule the World,  supported by The Brigstow Institute.   The project will be realised through 2 main forms: a 16mm film Not (A) Part and a video essay describing the collaborative process. The project addresses the decline of flying insects globally and it focuses this problem through individual found corpses of bees which are dissected and placed, much as Brakhage did with Mothlight, directly onto 16mm film.  The stock is processed in BEEF darkroom using caffenol.  The discovery and effective use of caffenol as a less toxic developer than the other stuff is reason 1. for feeling okay about using celluloid film once more. The films are near completion and will be screened initially at Bristol Cube Cinema Jan 23rd 2019.

Link to screening at The Cube:

Not (A) Part at The Cube

The blog of the project will be published here soon.











Tests for Not (A) Part

blog2wings copy

one thorax copy

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