Women in Punk & No Wave Film and Music at BEEF (2018)

A stimulating day-long event looking at how Punk created a new type of space for women and shaped alternative ways of looking and seeing, listening and hearing, speaking and shouting, dancing, dressing and protesting.This inclusive event is open to all and considers an alternative to the prevalent punk narrative.
Film, Discussion: Vivienne Dick / Rachel Garfield & films by Ruth Novaczek, Sandra Lahire & Anne Robinson
Resistance Keening Workshop,  Music, Performance from Bellies! / Dali de Saint Paul (EP/64) / Resistance Keening Performance / Delirious Rhythm
“Just as Punk created a space musically for bands such as the Slits and Poly Styrene to challenge 1970s norms of femininity through a transgressive, strident new female-ness, a number of experimental feminist filmmakers initiated a parallel, lens-based transgression to challenge patriarchal modes of filmmaking” – Rachel Garfield